Friday, 8 June 2012


Mood: Energetic, caffeine buzz man.
Where: Living room
Wearing: Brothers Flannel (Stole it off his back and it smells like him, lol)  and jeans,
Listening To: Sorry You're Not A Winner- Enter Shikari

   Okay, so a lot of things involving hair today. A managed to force myself to attend school today as well. Anyways. My dogs both went to the groomers today and are now looking very cute.

Penny And Tina Before

Penny And Tina Afterwards

   After school I was feeling very bored and rebellious. First of all you should know that i have naturally very curly hair, and it is currently dyed red. After getting home I was looking for a snack and much to my surprise found a bottle of manic panic blue dye. 

   Well Im sure you can imagine where this is going. Anyways,  Dyed part of my hair blue :3 

Crazy Goopy Stuff On My Hair

"Blued" On My Hands

New Hairr

   Anyways here comes a big weekend, I guess you'll have to wait to find out about it!!!

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