Sunday, 10 June 2012

Family Gathering!

Mood: Pretty tired
Where: Living room,
Wearing: Flannel and Woe Is Me shirt. Oh and super sexy sockss.
Listening to: Lilith- Chelsea Grin

   Okay, so my parents decided to drag me out to this family thing which was kinda dull.

Penny In The Car

   Anyways, I sat in the blistering heat while everyone gave me a hard time about wearing jeans and flannel in the middle of summer. Whats a Piss Off. I also got to hold two babies *more than once* which was terrifying as hell, but still pretty neat (I lack any kind of mothering instinct and always worry I`m going to drop babies). 
   One cool fact about me is my younger cousin and I are really close. He`s awesome. 

Super Cool Cousin 

    After much coaxing my cousin convinced me to try longboarding with him (last time i tried i failed). Turns out i had a lot of fun.

Not falling on my face like a bauss:) 

   It was amazingg, Longboarding = <3
Im soo getting a longboard... Like asap.

   Btw, I made a discovery today. Do you know what the worst thing that happens ever is.!? When youre eating cookies and milk and your cookine is to wide to fit into the glass! Its horrible.. 

Eating Fail.

Well thats what I did on this annoyingly nice day. When i could have been sleeping in my nice air conditioned   room... :(

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