Saturday, 17 November 2012

It's Been A While,

Mood: Sleepy, just woke up. (Apparently my brain wont let me sleep past 8:00 anymore)
Wearing: Pj pants, black tank (what I slept in)
Where: In bed, with the snuggle monster (Penny)
Listening to: Samson- Regina Spektor
<<<<< >>> Music to cry to.

How Have I been?

I have been fantastic! I've been super busy with my horse McGoo, school, work. Life in general has been wild. A new pony was just switched into my horses field so I plan on going out and spending the day with him and his new field buddy Pretzel (I'll post pics of her later). Heres a dashing pic of McGuinty for now!

Last month I did something I've wanted to do for a while! I finally got my lip pierced. It honestly didn't hurt. My septum stung like a mother effer. My lip piercing hurt less than my ear piercings tbh.The pain was quick and then it was done. My new piercing looks a little something like this....

I also went crazy and cut my bangs straight across. I really like them. My dad says they make me look "More artistic" . My friend Kenzie says I have a "Sexy fringe"... I prefer the term "Bangable Bangs" lol

Halloween, my favorite day of the year, was last month. SOoOoOoOo, I went all out and dressed Like a zombie, and looked a litttle something like this.

So thats pretty much all you have missed <3 Luvyaalllllllll. <3 Have a great day!


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