Sunday, 15 July 2012

I'm Sorry For My Absence!

Mood: Bored and feeling guilty for not blogging lately. HUNGRY
Wearing: Black Polo and Jeans *NOOO SOCKS :)*
Where: My Room, In the A.C. Avoiding the sun. 
Listening to: Sweet Drunk Everyone- Cats and Cats and Cats
<<<>>> Desperately trying to stray from metal. This is beautiful :3

Okay, so i have not updated recently. I`m feeling horrible for it too! I have been working full time *I`m an avian care giver* and I have also been seriously busy with my horsie. Anywho, heres what you missed.

Sinny the Green Winged Macaw (Whom I Train)

It was also my birthday, so I treated myself to a new pair of Vans and riding boots.

You Can Never Have Too Many VANS!

Ariat Riding Boots <3 

My Lovely Horsie McGuinty 

(Who needs a boyfriend when you have this handsome guy in your life?)

And thats pretty much all you missed!! I my lifee :)